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150mm duct through ceiling

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I'm trying find out the neatest way to run 150mm insulated duct from my room through the ceiling to exhaust into roof.


I was planning on moving my extraction fan up into the ceiling and run duct down into my grow tent. This will solve two things, get rid of hot air from the room and reduce audible noise from extraction fan.


I wanted something neater than just cutting a hole in ceiling plaster board. There must be some sort of flange / port hole type of fitting?


Any ideas?


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I had this idea a while ago, mainly for stealth, no visible outlet at your window and the smells will be less detectable venting out through the roof.


I tried to find a flange type thing and came up with nothing. They don't make them specifically for ducting because there's not many real life applications for it. I'm sure there's gotta be somebody who makes something that would do the job, if you find if let me know.


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Hi Ford.


That will stop the duct run at the ceiling hole. I want duct to run through the ceiling and connect to extraction fan in the ceiling.


Other suggestions above, like ceiling grill, also all stop duct run at the hole.


Only thing I can think of is to get 200mm circular ceiling grill and cut the middle out with a Dremel (diameter of 150mm insulated duct is thicker than 150mm)


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