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Any idea what's going on here?

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Hey guys any idea what's going on here I have these small holes appearing and the dying leaves.

I can't find any bugs but they are so small an right it's hard to have a good look. They Are clones that I thought where rooted when I got them but when I planted them I noticed they only had 2 tiny roots. They Are under a sf2000 atm at but over 2ft above I have only feed them once with 0.8 ec nutrient.

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Makes sense for why the lower leaves are dying. The light is on 18/6 they had tiny buds on them when I got them, unsure if they where there when the cutting was made or if he had them under 12/12 while rooting them.

Shouldn't take long to turn back yeah?

The holes are a concern tho, I can't find any bugs but the plants are that small and tight around the tops I can't really get a good look.

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Cuttings will start flowering no matter what the lights are on, it all depends when they were taken

they won't need much of a feed till they start growing out


As for the holes, who knows, I wouldn't worry about them, if they still persist when its a big bigger, give it a spray with something

wait till there a foot tall or so, they don't like getting bug spray when they are small 

it will be pumping out roots, and not much happening up top for a week or two 

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So I found a small caterpillar on one of them hopefully he was where the holes where coming from.

After dimming the light abit and keep feeding weak nutes every third day so far because that's how long it's taking for the coco to dry up a little after a feed the yellowing has seemed to have slowed right down.

I thought they where rooted but when I potted them I noticed they only had 2 tiny hairs for roots suck wouldn't have helped

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