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How low can you get your pots with RTW system

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Stupid question but does the bottom of your pot need to be higher than the top of your waste catchment container? So with my pots on foam blocks the drain hole is still slightly lower than the top of my drain catchment, I'm assuming the pots will not drain if this is the case correct? I'm thinking I Might Have to put some holes in the side of the container to put the hoses through so its lower.
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"...does the bottom of your pot need to be higher than the top of your waste catchment container? " Not necessarily. It depends on the height  of your outlet and the level of fluid in your catchment when the catchment is full.

You want all of the fluid to drain from your pots. If the fluid level in the catchment, when full, is higher than the base of the pot, water will remain in the base of the pot and that can encourage rootrot.

It also can depend on where you waste pipe enters your waste reservoir, if the waste pipe is higher than the pot base, it won't fully drain

The waste fluid will still flow out of the pot until the height of the fluid in your reservoir equals the height of the fluid in the pot. Once it reaches equilibrium, same level, the flow will stop.

Here's a bit of a mud map to try an explain it a bit better 




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