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metastatic cancer and pain management



Hi Helpful people:)


I'm seeking recommendations of doctors in the Gold Coast region who could work with my Dad's oncologist and pain specialist to manage his pain.  

The doctors have been unable to make a dent in his pain since his most recent admission to hospital 4 days ago.  They changed from targin and endone to lyrica and endone but nothing is helping.

He's asked the oncologist about cannabis but got no encouragement or assistance.

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Hey Crow,

                Cancer pain is just nasty and finding the right managemant tools that work can be very individual. Also with long term use some meds loose their ability to control pain as our bodies normalise to that specfic dose. So we need more and more to deal with the pain. It can be an awful spiral. Both Targin and Endone are high dose opiates with breakthrough pain obviously coming through that, then trying to reduce the opiates for a while could make some sense.


Now, as for Lyrica. Hmmm. Some people swear by it. Some people don't. I'm in the 'Don't' category. I had some god damn awful side effects with Lyrica. I had a Dr explain to me that "Well, really, we're not to sure how it works, but for some there are very little side effects, but for others the side effects outweigh the benefits". That line of "...we're not to sure how it works..." seemed a bit odd to me. Its a medication and yet the medicos who prescribe it don't really know how it works. I know of people who say for them it's been a wonder drug and I wish I could agree, but for me, it's NASTY.


Has your Dad tried canna? Has it helped? If so, there is legal access available. It's very expensive but it is available. Here's a link to 'Medical Access' page https://cannabis.community.forums.ozstoners.com/topic/81502-medical-access/


Talking with one of the canna dr's may help. For some reason the specialists often think they know it all and patient info has minimal influence.I had one of the most arrogant SOB's actually tell me "...I'm the dr, so I know. You? you're just the patient, you wouldn't know..." (I wanted to rip his fuckin head off, arrogant prick)  BUT when the same info comes from dr to dr they can be more accepting of information. And having a canna dr, with info on canna specifically that label of 'drugseeker', which often gets thrown around, is reduced. Another thing with the dr's at the canna clinics, they may well have pain management clinics in their realm of networks, so they may be able to refer you onto a pain management dr whose a bit more accepting of canna as a component of a pain management regime.


Chronic pain management is a bastard of a beast. What works for one may not work for another. How our individual bodies deal with it all is very unique to that individual and often it's the specific combination of meds that gives the desired benefit. Some medicos like us to fit nicely into their 'little boxes' but when we don't fit or their answer is 'We don't know', then it's time to look elsewhere.


Best of luck with it all Crow, it is not an easy journey for anybody involved.


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Yep go straight to a Canna Clinic if you can.


Cancer treatment should be more on the THC side of things, if he can handle it.

Straight up CBD Oil is not good for Cancer just good for the Pain.


If he is Cancer free then target more % CBD for the Pain.


If you want to have a crack at cancer healing yourself just google Rick Simpson Oil and have fun with that.

This stuff off the shelf is more expensive than the street is some cases.


Start growing your own Meds

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Magurbanhere,poor bloke,get him a nice box of home-made chockies, he can eat em in front of the doctors and nurses!

He will either shit the bed, spu over these arsehole "doctors" and he will laugh his head off while he does it!

Am not joking,he can only get stoned if it don't work eh?

Chronic pain sucks, and I mean it sucks every micron of goodness, niceness and self respect from you,it takes you right to the edge of your very being, if you can't handle it properly ( in the head ) it can turn a once well regarded and gentle person into a angry, grumpy and inconsolate creature, you become unrecognisable to even your closest friends and family!


Sadly the answer lies within all of us, we just don't look because we trust these Doctors!

At the end of the day its your fathers pain not the Doctors, and they like to practice on us little tiny nondescript " ants" that's what we look like from the top of a skyscraper, ants,and you know what we do to ants?


Am so sorry for your suffering, not your fathers, he has no choice, he has to handle it, me well I'm single and pushing 68yrs now, I don't have a family ( wife kids etc ) so that makes me one lucky sonofabitch, I don't have the added stress or grief of watching my wife and kids suffer for me! That would break my heart, yep I'm one of the lucky single ones.



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