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Help with harvest time

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Hey guys, I posted a month ago about my auto flower that all the leaves were turning yellow and I kept it simple but the leaves never stopped growing yellow.. but anyways I’m now at week 9 and she is getting weaker and weaker each day (I don’t know why but could be the pot that is too small) all the branches are falling down and she is being held by strings, even the main stem if I let go it falls ...

I took some pictures with my microscope today and I’m wondering what do you guys think about cutting it on Sunday (2 days after today) . Seeing the thricomes they look half milky half clear... I’m just worried if I can’t wait anymore and she dies before I harvest


If you guys think it is far to be ready how longe more should I wait and it can die before I havest or just harvest as soon as I can?


Sorry if the topic is at the wrong category I’m just really scared and don’t know who to ask.


Thanks guys


Dream berry auto flower

Week 9

Canna line

Led 600w







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I decided to wait few more days to see if gets more cloudy..


But that is the point I can’t understand what I’ve done wrong, never went too much with nutes, it was far from the light My only idea is the pot size which is 10L . But the leaves started to get yellow since start flower and I couldn’t find the reason .

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Still gotta few white hairs sticking out buddy

To late for a catch-up of nutes 2 stop yellowing so as sedge suggests let it go bit longer 2 fatten the batten


If u wanna get fair dinkum with autos score an E.C meter, gotta keep an eyeball on how strong ure feed is

they can be full on finicky ferks and a cheap P.H meter will make life easier


Don't feel like sucking a sav with how ure going as any harvest gotta be better than no harvest

We all grew sticks 2 start with so ure doin ok


By the way u can get away with 10ltre pots with autos as long as u start em in them

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You could try running it a bit longer and you might end up with a little better yield than if you chopped now.


But also a plant in that condition might not fatten or ripen properly because it needs a healthy functioning system to make its flowers.


You have put your time and effort into it so you might as well see it through. But give it a good proper feed with the nutes and maybe some probiotics to aid uptake. Mix up 4 litres per pot of 1.4 EC 6.2 pH and put the whole lot through. Do the same for 3 days then bump it up to 1.6 and run that for 3 days.


Check out cocoforcannabis. it's a great site and the info is reliable. Also ignore the 1/4 for autos advice that's out there on the net. If you scroll down a few threads you will see Buzzo running 1.2 EC for a 9 day old seedling. The genetics have come a long way since that advice was relevant. Any auto that needs 1/4 strength nutes ain't worth growing


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