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Canberra Cannabis Cultivators Meet-up Group (25 September 7pm)


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Hi All,


ACT is the first state to decriminalize outdoor cannabis cultivation for personal use. For ACT residents this presents unique opportunities for research, advocacy and simply growing good weed. I am starting a meet-up to take advantage of the new legal permissions and bring cultivation out of the shadows in ACT. The goal is to discuss growing techniques, as well as to think about how the ACT community can better position itself as pioneers in the cannabis industry, to take advantage of the inevitable legalization of cannabis Australia-wide. Please join the group here. Our first online meet-up is tonight (24 September) at 7pm.




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No no no ,,wrong.


canberra is not the first state to decriminalise cannabis .

you must be young if you think that.


You can better position  yourselves as pioneers in the industry ??? 
what industry are you talking about ?.. .......

you can grow some personal use weed ,,that’s all ,,,that doesn’t make an industry.,,,,


inevitable legislation Australia wide ???  

Yeah well..people were saying that last time it was decriminalised. ..didn’t go Australia wide then did it ? 

not so sure it will now either.

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"ACT is the first state to decriminalize outdoor cannabis cultivation for personal use."

correct...someone has a comprehension problem.

ACT isn't a State for starters. And yes SA was the first to decriminalise. The new ACT law is better than nothing, but not by much.

Decriminalisation of drug use and possession is not new in Australia. South Australia (SA) was a world leader when it decriminalised cannabis in 1987, introducing an option to pay a fine instead of receiving a criminal charge


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I’m not from Australia originally, so I apologize if I offended anyone. If we go far enough back, cannabis was legal everywhere in Australia :) Anyway, as far as I understand, ACT only state/territory where cannabis is presently decriminalized, so from the moment we’re currently in, it is the first. What I am proposing is looking forward from this moment and seeing how decriminalization in ACT can be used productively. My post is not about the past but the future. Yes, it’s not possible to have an industry yet. The question is, what can be done to anticipate an industry arising?


You may doubt that Australia could legalize cannabis, but that’s what people were saying in the US 10 years ago. Now, many US states realized the money is too good to pass up. Sentiment in support of cannabis legalization grows in Australia, so I bet it is a matter of time here, too. Maybe 5 years, maybe 10, but individual regions will open up, even if the federal government does not (as in the US). If you don’t believe me, you can see multinationals are moving in already. https://www.odc.gov.au/summary-licences-granted

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it’s ok sasha, I’m sure I’m not the only one here who understood what you were saying. Don’t worry about the petty nitpicking of your post, disregard the angst and negativity. Canberra is the first to decriminalise in the true sense of the word. What happened in Adelaide was a “partial” decriminalising that carried fines if caught possessing and using. If the fine was paid within 60 days there was no conviction recorded.  The ACT model is vastly different and really should pave the way for a national roll out at some point in time. If the kiwis pass their proposed cannabis law changes, we will surely follow.

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