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Synergistic effects from mixing two different strains.

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OK for today's random stoner thought I'm going to discuss mixing of strains when smoking for a better / different effect.


Case in point i'll refer to is a few weeks back, I was lucky to get 2 different strains (both unknown lol) but both were frosty and smelly and pretty damn good.

Anyway each one on it's own was a nice smoke, got me pretty buzzed and did the job.

But I came back a few hours later for another session and had a little bit of each left over in the chop bowls so I thought why not and mixed em together, gave em a bit more of a chop/mix with the scissors and proceeded to smoke a cone ....

KAPOW! It hit me like like a tonne of feathers, floated away with a big grin on my face, like super stoned, came back a few hours later again but this time I had one cone of each first, and once again both were really nice on their own, but when I had a mixed one ... BOOM! .... the stone was amazing.

Now i'm kinda thinking that obviously each strain has it's own level of thc,cbd and other cannabinoids + different terpenes, somehow when these are mixed they produced a synergistic effect that results in a better / higher high.


Thoughts? :bongon:



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nice experiment
i figure its mainly the fact that you had multiple dominant terpenes in the mix, not a difference in thc/cbd as we know most bag weed aint got much cbd.

what i mean by the dominant terpenes is say one strain from genetics will produce a higher percent of 2-3 different terpenes( eg 1-3% while the rest are 0.5 or much lower) where the other strain will produce a higher percent of another 2-3 different terpenes, therefore your getting a higher range of dominant terpenes that 99% of cannabis plants cant produce

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