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Clone drooping badly


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I took 8 clones off 4 plants. Clones rooted well in a clone station.

I removed them when the roots were around 7cm and looking very healthy.

It's been about a week since potting them in soil. They are kept in a cupboard which feels humid though I haven't tested it accurately yet. Light is just a low 25W for now.

2 of my clones have just started drooping out of nowhere. I worry for the others.

This morning the soil was about 80% dry so I gave them a water but they are still not looking better now at 9pm.

Any idea why this might be?


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Shouldn't need high RH once you get roots, i'm guessing there may have been some root damage at repot or potentially some root rot causing you issues. 

Thanks for your reply. I think it may be root rot to be honest. I transplanted them very carefully but I did wonder if the soil I used would hold too much water and forgot to mix perlite in.

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