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Help whats wrong with my plants


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help whats wrong with my plant weve got what looks like nutrient toxicity twisted/slow growth and its drooping a fuck ton not sure what issue is as i always ph my water and ive only feed it once at 1/4 strength help me please

I've also bought some diamacous earth to add to soil and some sticky traps I haven't seen any pests but better safe then sorry


240 watt led

Canna terra professional soil mix







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Lights about 40cm was at 65cm i bought it down abit in hopes itd help with the slow growth but obviously it didnt medium was last watered 5-6 days ago as I thought maybe the dropping was signalling that it was thirsty and that's why it was dropping however it didnt really help it at all i gave it about 1 litre water 5-6 days ago its not saturated per say there's still.water but the sides when u stick your finger in is dry up to about the second knuckle but its still apparently wet around the stem of the plant I was going to put it in the sun tomorrow to try and see if that helps it absorb any excess water but yeah Edited by help121
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I would give it a good drink, with some nutes ph'd properly personally if these were my plants. Take note see if the water seems to drain away quickly and the pot doesnt get heavier as your medium may be hydrophobic. If thats the case you will wanna sit the pot in a saucer of water allow it to soak it up slowly. Once you do get the media saturated with water fully and allow excess to drain take a note of the weight. It will allow you to guage how much water plants are going through, and once they feel a bit lighter you feed em. 

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