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seedling help

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Hey team,  
This little baby is only 2 days old but im worried about the state shes in. I'm growing in a space bucket at home, temp is around 24C, ive got 2 cfl bulbs warm lights 60w each , 2 led cool light bulbs 60 watt each (240 watt total). Bucket worked well for my previous grow but havent been able to get a plant pass the seedling stage. Any help will be appreciated. 




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its ok, only two days old, but I dont like the look of what your growing in, looks like bark chips to me, maybe too acidic .I use the paper towel method until I see a root, then I start my seedlings in small square rockwool cubes, once they are about 2 weeks old I transplant them to coco fibre and perlite . I use wooden skewers and bag ties to support them until they are strong enough to support themselves. Hope this helps

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