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First grow, updates and noob questions.

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Hey guys I’m going to be documenting my first attempt of an indoor grow. And asking questions about what to do as I’m a noob haha.


Here is my plant it’s a BlueBerry Feminised raised from seed it’s hopefully female as my last one turned male. (But was grown outside in bad conditions) hoping this one turns out better.


The plant is 3 weeks into veg (not sure if this looks good or not for 3 weeks)


It’s under a PL 4X55W T5 FLURO at 220W

In a 5L fabric pot.


Light schedule is 16/8 at the moment, welcome to ideas about changing.


Feeding schedule is about every three-4 days with the recommended dosage for the mills starter pack.


Here is my beauty








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You have a bit of space to veg out, could top the plant in a week or so to promote more branching if you are so inclined.


Seems it may be 0.8 x 0.8 x 1.6m tent, you could flower under 200w of cfl but you won't yeild as much as other forms of lighting.


Depending on the heat levels in that tent you could possibly get away with a 315w cmh which would produce well i think in that footprint, i'm just not sure about the height would have to do a bit of training with one plant to maximise that area.


Not sure if you have one, but a carbon filter is a must if you do not want to smell out your house, even small plants can reek.

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