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Mainlining versus SCROG query...

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I know the differences and the techniques required but was wondering if those experienced growers here would mind sharing which they prefer?


I'm just like all the other noobs on here , who want the perfect balance between veg time and yield, but can see that every time you top the plant, it sets it back a little ( with obvious long term benefits). Taking this thought further, are there people here who'd rather bend the plant as it grows to break the apical growth rather than topping it?


I'm weeks away from this, but reading up in advance, so wondered what others felt?


Im growing in a tent so height is a factor. Was going to scrog, bought the PVC piping etc but then saw mainlining( Manifolding, whatever...) and wondered how they compare re time in veg after multiple topping setting 'em back a bit, versus just tying 'em under the net and how the two methods compare, yield wise, all things being equal( which they won't be in my case, I'm sure ! )



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I only have personal experience with scrogging in tents. In my opinion one of the best ways to maximize a given area, I am not sure if it will need more vegging than a mainlined plant. but it really allows you to maximize canopy.


I do a bit of both, bending and topping. Plants will bounce back quicker from bending than being topped. 



hope this helps

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Horses for courses... The idea is to top smartly rather than randomly.


If you're mainlining you don't want any more than two nodes (four branches) below the topping point as it will screw up your manifold. Imo the better mainline structure leaves one set of branches and splits the main stem to four tops, it's easier to work with.


For normal topping just leave whatever branches you want, split the stem into four and top the two most dominant branches. This gives you 18 plus crowns and you only top it twice.

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Yep the Scrog is certainly the easiest way for a newbie to fill a tent out and get the most out of your grow.


But saying that the best online diary I've ever seen was a perfect manifold grow. The stem structure was engineered to perfection and this bloke pulled about 12 ounces of supreme bud.


Not me though. Scrogs are my choice post-66460-159508860894_thumb.jpegpost-66460-159508862242_thumb.jpeg


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I grow both ways,to just mix it up abit


i find want you can scrog with 1 plant


youll need a least acouple of plants of mainlined plants


to get somewhat of the same yield


bit more veg time with scrog, but not a great deal.


Strain dependent of course, some plants a just better


one way then another, i have definitely found out hard way lol

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