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Fucked my first grow already

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Im using a spider farmer sf1000 (it is dimmable) but i have it on max, and its roughly 30in above the plant. I have no idea about how light can effect them. More light, less light, closer or further. Im a n00b



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Hey Calybro,

Welcome to O.S. Lots of good people with good info round here and you've been given some good advice by all above.

The process of transplanting shocks the bejesus out of a tiny plant like that, so she'll take a little to recover but as Cooper states "...It's not fucked mate, far from it."

+1 for the overwatering. Let her dry out a bit

+1 for Jesters's comments on the light distance

For many a newbie (me included when I started) micro managing can be an issue, don't do it,  ​Its's a weed, let her grow.



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So i just started growing my first plant indoor. My light came and i decided to transfer it from a little glass jar to a pot. I think i have stunned him since he hasnt grown in the past 3 days. Any help? Or how to do better with my next seed? This is also my first post. Cheers. attachicon.gifIMG_1167.JPGattachicon.gifIMG_1221.JPGattachicon.gifIMG_1235.JPG



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Looks perfect to me. Just keep her warm (from above, not below, the roots need to stay cool) and in the best light you can all the time, and make sure the pot drains so no water goes stagnant. Can't go wrong m8.

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