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Prepping for first legal outdoor grow later this year (ACT)...

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I'm pretty excited to be starting our first legal grow this year and am starting to prep supplies/lists of items we need now, to be ready. I would really appreciate any feedback on what I have got so far in my plan, and especially the gaps where I'm not sure on what's best. We want to do this as natural/organic as possible and also as simply as possible.


We have a bunch of seeds already and some 30 Gallon smart pots.


As far as germination we are considering some options and are curious what others think:


1) Straight to final pot outside, cover with humidity dome until it sprouts.

2) Sprout indoors in a plug, then straight outside into final pot.

3) Paper towel method


Does it matter which we choose?


For soil, we are considering two NoTill options: Organic Gardening Solutions and Easy as Organics. Are there any other good organic soils around we could check out?


For mulch, is straw/hay acceptable?


As soon as the sprout is in the final pot, we were going to then mulch with a layer of straw/hay and just water as needed/add more mulch as needed from there on out. Am I missing anything vital or will that do the trick?


Oh and regarding water, with NoTill soils like that do I need to adjust the pH of my water, or does the soil take care of that itself. I've read conflicting things...


Thanks so much for any feedback, we're really excited but nervous about getting good results too. We don't wanna fail and then have to wait another year :twitchsmile:

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good luck with it all


cheers man!


I literally didn't even see that section. Gold mine. Reading now, thanks!


edit: yeah this is excellent info. just read through Carbcons entire thread, on to others now! thanks again.

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