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Eden-Monaro By-Election Candidate Michael Balderstone

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I grew up in the country and was sent to boarding school at a young age which I found traumatic.

After discovering Cannabis my migraines miraculously disappeared. When I moved to Nimbin 35 years ago I discovered it was a refugee camp from the war on drugs. As I learnt more about this war against a plant that is a fantastic safe medicine my fury knew no bounds at such injustice.

I believe if we are allowed to grow our own supply it can save billions in health costs and help millions enjoy a higher quality of life.

I would provide small, affordable licences for people to supply dispensaries so they can use their knowledge and talent and this would create thousands of jobs. But instead we are licensing international companies to come in and grow huge indoor crops. Our laws in Australia have turned all our Cannabis experts into criminals and we don’t even get a hearing!


The dried herb Cannabis is nothing like the other illegal drugs which are all chemical or processed. And the current policing with sniffer dogs and saliva testing drivers is making people move from using Cannabis to dangerous drugs like ice which leave your system quickly and are much harder to detect. Bulky smelly pot is by far the easiest bust.

I have also witnessed dozens of people use Cannabis to break other addictions from alcohol, ice and heroin. And Cannabis is a fantastic medicine for PTSD if only authorities would let our suicidal veterans have easy access but they refuse.


Drug use is simply people trying to feel good, have less pain, why on Earth is it a criminal issue? So the pharmaceutical industry have a monopoly on pain relief that’s why, the most profitable business on the planet.

The current government’s medical Cannabis program is ruled by the same people who hate the idea of anybody growing their own free medicine in the garden. A plant that has never killed anyone in ten thousand years and was in the majority of our medicines a hundred years ago. Shame on them. Vote 1 HEMP as a protest then vote for whoever you like after that.

The HEMP Party is advising voters to choose their own order of preference. HEMP believes the strategy is best for uniting opposition towards prohibition and treating Cannabis as a separate issue, as HEMP believes it is the common sense approach to separate Cannabis from other substances in policy terms.

Better Cannabis legislation will improve our health, nutrition, policing and the annual budget. Cannabis can provide a better solution for medicine, food security, the environment and social harmony. The HEMP Party has a plan to integrate the whole plant into our everyday lives.


Michael Balderstone, HEMP Party


0472 760 236



vote-1-balderstone-hemp-party-8-web-458x Eden-Monaro by-election how-to-vote HEMP

Look for the leaf on the ballot paper.


Write the number ‘1’ in the box next to the HEMP Party candidate Michael Balderstone.

Write the numbers ‘2’, ‘3’ and so on against all the other candidates until all the boxes have been numbered, in order of your preference.

You must number every box for your vote to count.

You can safely vote HEMP in the polling booth and nobody will know, so you won’t lose your job.

Authorised by: M. Balderstone, Help End Marijuana Prohibition (HEMP) Party, Nimbin – HEMP.org.au


Many voters don’t know about the HEMP Party. Some ask about our other policies or want to know about our opinion on issues other than Cannabis. Officially there are none, HEMP is a formal protest to end prohibition. It’s all in the name. HELP END MARIJUANA PROHIBITION



Eden-Monaro by-election 2020


The Hemp Solution




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