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WTF is that?!?!

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Hi all anyone know what's going on with theses buds? Strain is Candida CD-1 a 20:1 strain and each bud across 2 plants look like this.






To the naked eye it looks like a little bit of cotton wool (fluffy), but zooming in as you can see its quite odd. It also has a waxy feel to it but no residue, resin or oils are felt on the skin after touching it. Could it be due to such high cbd ratio or the led causing it?

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Yes it's under LEDs. Light is approx 600mm from the tops and stable lights on temp of 24. I have 2 x CD-1's in that tent both with the waxy looking flowers, and another strain flowering normally and it's actually only about 200mm from the light. Weird.
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