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Rhizotonic alternative

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Hey crew

I had a quick search on these forums but the keyword rhizotonic comes up in a loooot of posts so apologies for repeating a question that’s probably been asked a tonne of times



I’m about to take some more cuttings and put them in my aerocloner .

Was wondering if anyone has used seasol for this ? $10 for a litre vs $80-$90 with rhizo ..

Or are their any other cheaper alternatives - I’ve always had success with rhizo but I’ve never used anything else I suppose :/





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I’m probably just being a tightass - $80 for a litre and I usually use 20ml in the 10L aerocloner reservoir and change it once - so 40Ml per cycle lol

It’s only cause I was thinking I might start using it during veg with silica and A and B nutes but I chop through a 80L res a week so a bottle per veg stage roughly would be expensive



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