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Cannabis Prohibition has been a total failure

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Dear Kevin,I know you have heard about the problem for Cannabis users with current roadside drug testing.

It seems people can test positive days after smoking or even if they have been sitting with smokers.

It’s also a problem in that someone who has had their first smoke of Cannabis, especially if they had alcohol as well, is entirely different to someone like myself or thousands of others in your electorate who have been daily users of Cannabis for decades as our choice of medicine or therapy.

We all agree impaired drivers should be kept off the road, no matter what drugs they have used.

However, stopping someone from using their preferred medication, they have been used to, is likely to make them more dangerous drivers. The same as if we asked someone to stop taking their daily pharmaceutical drugs that they are used to.

This drug testing is happening across Australia and if you are re-elected, we ask that you instigate an inquiry into the effectiveness and fairness of the current system.

It’s already been established that if I eat a capsule of Cannabis oil, it will not be detected in my saliva. This is an added danger once people discover this as it is hard to estimate dosage while testing of Cannabis products is not allowed in Australia.

Smoking is much safer because you feel the effect quickly and stop when you have had enough, whereas medicine eaten takes an hour or so for the effect to kick in and the dose could easily be too much.

Yours sincerely, Michael Balderstone HEMP Party President and NSW Federal Senate Candidate


HEMP Party at Kevin Hogan’s in Lismore

HEMP Party Senate candidates outside National Party: Kevin Hogan’s Lismore office at midday Monday 13th for the ‘official launch‘ of the Party’s campaign.

Kevin’s office because it has become glaringly obvious the politicians are keeping Australia way behind in accepting Cannabis is a terrific medicine.

In fact the war on drugs has barely been mentioned in the entire election campaign.


We formally asked Mr Hogan to open an inquiry into the current Roadside Drug Testing regime across Australia, which is dramatically affecting thousands of people in his electorate of Page NSW.

Kevin knows all about the issue yet, like all his fellow politicians, refuses to acknowledge its unfairness.

‘Take Cannabis out of the too hard basket Kevin’, is the message.

The anxiety the roadside testing is causing should not be underestimated. Quite likely making the roads more dangerous in fact. If Cannabis caused accidents the Nimbin roads would be littered with car wrecks. And they’re not.

Yours sincerely, Michael Balderstone – HEMP Party

HEMP Party: Better Cannabis

Better Cannabis legislation will improve our health, nutrition, policing and the annual budget.

Cannabis Prohibition has been a total failure and we have to stop strategies like sniffer dogs, Roadside Drug Testing and laws that have dramatically altered drug use trends in favour of undetectable powders, pills and expensive addictive pharmaceuticals.

Aussies can safely vote for legal Cannabis in this election and no one will know, you won’t lose your job.

VOTE 1 HEMP: The protest vote to re-legalise home-grown Cannabis.


No votes for Kevin, he’ll keep you off the grass

Federal Election 2019


Federal Election 2019

The protest vote to re-legalise home-grown Cannabis. Look for the leaf on the Senate ballot paper at the next federal election. (read more)


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