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small dehumidifier worth buying?

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G,day growers & smokers, got a converted wardrobe and wanna try reducing humidity, are these peltier technology dehumidifier even worth attempting to use at all inside the grow..can it reduce humidity a few percent considering the air transfer rate.
i read that its ideal to have the dehumidifier outside the grow but i can't do that..its has to be inside the grow, i'm considering this 2000ml Hysure it uses 70 watts and is ideal consumption for my situation.the dehumidifier would be against the passive intake..i could make a basic shroud around the intake filter & the dehumidifier to capture more air flow.
also the air flow speed is based on Blauberg Turbo 4" 2 speed duct fan with variac, i have to use a variac to drop fan speed below the lowest speed for stealth..i guess with the dehumidifier there's more moisture removed the slower the air speed?


enviro details,
H166cm x W90cm x D60cm


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Keep in mind they generate heat...OK for Winter but no so good for Summer when you need it most




Nah mate, no point dehumidifying air only to throw it away. Im assuming that your air is being exchanged, not just going around in circles.

yes it exchanges..the room has the window open for air coming in...and the exhaust duct fan blows its outside through the flywire.



Yes do you have an exhaust fan at all that can be increased?

i have the variac sitting on top of the wardrobe so speed is easy to adjust, i can increase exhaust speed from evening to morning  but during the day it has to be slower speed to avoid detection .


Its not 100% necessary for me to get a dehumidifier i have already grown without one and not get mold..but be good to try one to see if it drops humidity on those humid days for flowering and drying.


Its harvest day tomorrow :)

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