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Nutrients from Bunnings.

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Hey guys!


I'm using osmocote plus organics and vermiculite in the soil, just not sure what to feed it when it comes into flowering time, I really only have Bunnings that I can go to.


If anyone knows of any nutrients I can buy from my local Bunnings that'd be so helpful, im not looking at spending heaps but something that will get my plant through to harvest, I'm growing just 1 indoor Blackberry Autoflower. First indoor grow. ✌️

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yes seasol good stuff works for me too 


Yes I would use the Seasol Seaweed at 4 ml per liter for great Stem and Root structure..Can't speak highly enough about the Stuff

I’m sure I saw a thrive product in bunnos that had a ratio N3 P8 K13 which I thought I would try when I run out of canna 13/14.

Think it was $17 for a litre.

Was a white and purple bottle from memory.

I know Thrive was the brand.



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Yes interesting..I see that working well in Flower


You should be alright using the seasol powerfeed for tomatoes. Anything for tomatoes should get you through flwoering

Yep sounds good for Veg..almost indentical to Canna Coco NPK....Just not sure if it has enough Calcium?

just looked at the Spec sheet and it has plenty of Cal & Mag...I might even give this a go myself

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Should be able to no worries, never been a big fan of seasol personally though, seems very salty compared to other seaweed products, that is just going by smell though hehe.


I'd personally be using a cold pressed seaweed for hydroponics as well, something like https://shop.nutri-tech.com.au/products/seachange-liquid-kelp

Yeah that looks very good frank. Certified organic aswell.

Cheaper than seasol.


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