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Male flowering ?

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Males mate not good for anything unless you’re pollinating a female to make a hybrid strain but clearly that’s not what you’re doing. Rip em out now and start more try like 6 seeds should get u at least 2 females. That being said I’ve done ten before and got 1 female. If you really want to do some good shit hit up a Seedbank and get some good genetics you’ll thank yourself for it, they’re female seeds. Another tip don’t start with “auto flowering” seeds they’re a whole new ballgame. Since you’re just starting out here are a few more tips. Use mulch on the top of your soil. Only water in the morning unless plant looks like it’s dying of thirst. Use organic nutrients sparingly and CHECK YOUR PLANTS EVERY DAY. The whole plant just quickly. Too many people lose all their hard work to pests mate especially new growers and most the time they’ve got no idea until the plant is too far gone. Could go on forever if you run into any problems just reply to this thread cheers.



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