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Outdoor organic late year grow 2020

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Gday guys from down under, down under.


Grow run 1

I'm just prepping for my first grow in my yard. This will be a very late grow and is mostly concerned with producing some product to last me till next year. This grow will be short as I'm going to be growing a fast auto by @greenthumbbob.(find him on Instagram, sales for NZ only) this auto is known as bubble crack and according to the breeder is a short fast flowering plants and according to the grower starts flower under 24 hour light within 18 days from germination. So the plants will be small as.


The plant will be in organic compost from our household. This compost is very earthy and is rich in nitrogen and calcium however I will need to add more nutes for flower but I reckon we might not need considering that this plant finishes so quickly.


The compost contains

Veg scraps

Egg shells

Muscle shells

Coffee grounds

Tea leaves and bags.

Fruit scraps.

Decomposed sticks and leaves.



That's my super soil.


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hey bush


have you tried growing a plant like tomato in that compost ?


soil mix might need some aeration


i use compost or castings as 1/3 of a base soil mix


for me base soil mix is 1/3 sphagnum peat moss , 1/3 scoria (aeration) & 1/3 compost/castings


good luck with it mate

Hey yes itchybromusic I have atually grown tomato's in this compost we get the tomato's up to around 1.5m tall so the soil is pretty good. However I did have blood and bone mixed in aswell and we did feed them with more organic nutes throughout.


I only have small 5l pots atm so I'm going to Need to get some bigger pots for the plants. I will probably add more compost in this mix aswell as some more blood and bone to get them going better after transplant.


Oh and I'm atually going to be growing them on the roof of my house so I get more light. I'm not worried about choppers aswell as there more concerned about speeding traffic than weed.


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no worries mate


you don't think green plants on a house roof will look out of place to anyone that might see them ?


i'm def into bigger pots , for a small plant like the one you mention i'd be in minimum 50 liter


i don't use B&B but i do use lots of minerals like basalt rock dust , dolomite & gypsum

Haha lol I meant rooftop terrace.


I personally will stick to B&b becuase that's what I got on hand atm to use.


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Gday guys the beans got here today.

I orders 10 beans from bobgreenthumb and he gave me 35 the good cunt.


Anyways the grow will be starting soon and hopefully the beans pop and are all females [emoji1696].


My method of choice will be to put the seed straight into the soil medium and I will keep the soil well watered and airiarated by mixing in mulch with the compost to airiarate the soil more and to stop garden weeds growing in the medium.


Once the seeds start to grow I'm going to put the pots in a secluded section of the property out of the intense sunlight and let the beans grow. The point of growing out of the sun as much is to get the plants to darken there leaves more so they can photosinthasise more and then after that I will introduce them to the sun again. This will make the plant grow bigger buds due to more glucose to feed the plant to grow.


The first picture you see is the seeds I will be growing over the next couple of years.


In the blue packet we have double mango in the yellow packet we have double bubble autoflower and in the green packet we have green crack autoflower. None of these seeds are feminised. However if I get a male I will put him on the other side of the house so he doesn't infect the other plants.


In the next photo are the pots of soil I will be starting the grow in.post-65971-158276473924_thumb.jpegpost-65971-158276475298_thumb.jpeg


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Soil blend does look a bit heavy, as in it looks like it may retain moisture longer than you might want, especially while they're seedlings. They're not fond of excessive moisture during the first few weeks. I'd be inclined to side with itchy's advice, and try and airate that mixture somehow before attempting to germinate them.


Apart from that. All the best with it, 'boss. :good:

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