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2 tents, 1 vent system...Can it be done?

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I have two identical tents, 1m x 1m x 2m high, and a 6" ventilation system.

Intend getting a bigger tent one day. ☺️ Until then can I somehow set up one vent system for two tents, if so how?


I need to set up a better vent system. We have had some hot days and the little vent system is really struggling, plus only one tent as a vent system, which is 4 inch.


PS: make it simple




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Just need a Y-Joiner and ducting to suit.


Though if i was setting up two tents i'd go with at least a 10" system with a fan speed controller. That way you can dial it down when all is well. But if heat issues or excessive transpiration starts up. You can then dial it up to churn that air flow over to reduce heat and/or humidity (hopefully). Keep in mind it's most important where you draw the air from.





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Another way to regulate air flow you could adapt something like i did on the rooms extraction end and put the scrubber/carbon filter on the outlet of the centrifugal fan, you can blow out thru a scrubber as well, you don't have to draw thru them.


I cant recall the name of the ducting joiner now, but bound to come to me later. It just a basic end joiner where i folded a 5mm edge over, and cut out a section of tin to slide in/out to suit when required..



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