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GgAllin maximum height/ size outdoors in ground

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Anyone grown out a full season GgAllin outdoors directly in the ground ( not in a pot) ?? Interested to hear how tall/big the strain can potentially get ?? My largest 10-11 week old GGA pheno has outgrown her 32 litre pot. Deciding whether to repot into 85 litres, or if she deserves an existing 500 litre hole directly in the ground. Need to replace a smaller early flowering female ( showing no signs of revegging) from that same hole, and would like to fill it with a potentially decent sized( and potent) strain. Also got a Jedi Glue and Jack Herer( not as big) vegging in pots as alternative options to GGA in the ground. Thanks.


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Yeah, nah thanks K9. Trying to keep plant numbers down, it's only for daughter's personal grow. Only got 1 hole to re- fill. GgAllin has good potency feedback on this site, but Jack Herer and Jedi Glue potency also reviews ok. Assuming potency of all 3 being equal (I'm not sure??) , I'd just keep the potentially biggest strain. They are all similar size now, but no idea how big they can finish. Thinking someone in this group may have grown out a big outdoor GgAllin ??


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Thanks Pedro. We must have posted simultaneously, so I missed your comment before I just replied. For clarity, you've grown out a 3lb GGAllin ( you're not referring to the other 2 strains in my post)?? Do you recall roughly how large it was?? I'm not surprised either, to read that it's you who have grown these strains to their size potential......lol.


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Got sidetracked looking for a pic, turns out I was wrong, it was a GG x Yorker, not a straight GG


shouldn't matter that much, still be a 2 lb + plant in the ground, most Affie's will grow a 8 ft bush, I top them about 3/4 ft tall


The GG was a nice smoke, but haven't grown it again so it wasn't that nice lol, will be doing some SSS strains next season

it will get another go then

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Gg allin is beautiful smoko. Chuck her in the ground abd let her do her thing [emoji869]


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What are ya 6-8 inches tall, you would only need 1/2 a small cone to get smashed 


one papasmurfs beautiful smoke could be a normal sized blokes "nice" smoke hey 

probably depends what pheno you get 



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i've grown GG Allin a few times in garden beds under a shade house & indoor 


she'll get big , her root system can fill out any space available pretty quickly 

my beds were 2.4m long 600mm wide & around 300-400mm deep

the shade house is 1.8m high & around 1.6m wide 


pic from 2015 season



in the ground un-topped well over 2m , topped she'll be around 2m

generally a big yield from her & she's pretty hardy plant 

don't think you'll be disappointed with her , she can get stinky though   


haven't grown her in while so not sure how diff a GG seed is now compared to back then 


love to see some pics when she's up & happening 

good luck with her foxy  



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