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Who left the lights on? ah shit it was me!

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Hi, I have a small grow, about five plants into week 7, (three weeks into flower) critical mass and gold leaf. Normally the lights are on 12-12 and as I needed to go out by 12, I figured it would be cool to speak in and wake the girls up at 1130 so they get a bit of an early start. Naturally I would set the timer to 1130 and make that the new routine.

Just as naturally, I forgot, in fact I left it on timer bypass, until I was driving home from a friends place that I remembered, so the light has been on for24 hours and is just about to enter the normal cycle on period.


So, whats the consensus, do I a/ turn them off so they get a little darkness before resuming normal routine,b/leave the lights on (which will make them 36 hours on at the end of the cycle  c/ turn them off for 36 hours and let them reset their circadiane cycle. d/ assume they will all grow balls and start again e/ something else?

for the record, they are feminized seeds from a seedbank.


Thanks for your input this is my first post, I have been growing almost two years, about four indoor cross, the best one was one me and a mate did when we first started, and it was our best!  Aprt from that we have done reasonably well, preferring quality over quantity and so far happy with results.


Thanks in advance for your input.


Even if you reckon d/ I doubt that it would happen

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