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I found the site crap to navigate. Took ages to actually find the seeds.


Who’s the breeders of what you e ordered vek618?



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yeh... the layout/format of the aussie canna site isn't the greatest. they should have an option just to look at seeds regs or fems [no autos yet] but instead they've piled the seeds and merch all on the one web page... not a lot of product on there anyway


as far as the breeder goes i was assuming that they [aussie canna] were the breeders...there is no mention of who actually breeds the seed tho i didn't read all the info on and/or about aussie canna. maybe they've just swiped the breeders seed and got their own gig going with them?


anyway, as long as their genetics are true to form of each strain they are selling it's all good to me... 


[edit] the only thing i could find on their site about breeding/breeders. cutnpasted from aussie canna. the "about aussie canna" page is all but blank. not a spec of info there


Now you can get world renown, trusted seeds for your own grow. Pure genetics bred from the original source and all the top strains.

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There is no way these guys are breading legit Bruce Banner genetics themselves here in oz.


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haha that's so funny... :D  :D  :D


i've bred seed of "ligit" power africa, white widow, txaki, sensi skunk, congo, mcduck and many more to come... if i can do it i'm sure anyone can... 


it's a no-brainer that one emoji106.png

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go and buy some reg seed [in breeders pack so you don't feel cheated] or CS/STS some fems and YOU too can have as many seed of authentic/ligit genetics of any strain your canna heart so desiresemoji106.png

So you think they pheno hunted hundreds and hundreds of seeds to find the best cut of all these new popular strains? And there's also the fact that some of the most sought after strains at least recently have been from like hermie seeds and shit. And generally all those top cuts are clone only. So unless they're very very lucky I reckon theyre just chucking some pollen and pretending like they know what they're doing [emoji23].
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