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Plants at five day,s old

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post-4837-1100286060_thumb.jpgHi all im a new member here it was recomended by ferengi, i was just wondering if you could take a look at a pic of one of my plants at five days old. I,ve been told that it look,s a bit stemmy expecialy the one in the back ground, does this mean it is going to die and is there anything i can do to help my plants because they are all the same height about 3-4 inches.
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Everything looks ok so far. 3 inches is not really all that bad.


Just a hint. When your posting stuff or looking for adivce you should also give us a bit of background info.


Like what kind of lights are you using ect...


streaching is a bizach and it mainly comes down to light ( or lack there of) when your plants are at this stage.


You should also have a fan on those babies so that the stems become nice and stong from the out set.

The fan will make small rips in the cell lining on your stem and promote healing growth - hence strong stems.


Another factor that can cause streaching is Heat or humidity. It's best to keep you area no hotter than 23 degrees or around that. But at this stage you don't really have to worry about that.


Give it some time.. See if they keep streching, if they do you might want to think about moving your lights closer to the plants.

If you are using fluros then you can get them really close without causing damage.

The hand test is good.

Like stick your hand between the light and the plants.. If your hand is too hot then it's not good and hence not good for the plants..


Good luck and welcome to OZ stoners..



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longer stems can be an issue when the plants are a little bit bigger and cant support all of their weight on a spindly stem, has happened to me many a time :thumbdown


best way i have found to avoid this is to sprout the plants outside in a windy area or keep a fan on them constantly....you will end up with maybe 2-3cm instead of 2-3inch stems by sprouting them this way :thumbsup


for 5 days old, those plants are looking mighty fine :smoke dunno if its just me but there isnt much more on this planet that is more beautiful then seeing a mj seed sprout, grow up into a lush bush then start budding with the fruits of pleasure :smoke is totally awesome ::devilred::

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Thanx for the advice guy,s they did stop growing a bit so i guess that 2-3 inche,s is ok, it also looks like the second set of leave,s are starting to emerge which has got to be good news :thumbsup and i have added a small desk top fan into my grow room this should strengthen the stem,s. As this is my firs grow i am noticing every little change i can,t wait to see what they will be like in a month,s time. They are looking good for six days old if i do say so my-self. I think i might add another c,f bulb in to my grow room it,s about 1m x 3/4m x 1 1/4m high, i all ready have 3 in there will another be to much. Thanx again for the advice guy,s.



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