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Would you bother?

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So this is a fem seed I bought...


The shell got stuck on pretty bad and dried out a bit, doing some pretty serious? damage to the cotyledons... Should I even bother keeping on growing, or throw out and start again. I'll trust your experience! I only want to have 1 plant at a time for legal reasons, so if this one is a complete waste of time and resources I would rather cut it now. But also don't have a plethora of seeds... at this rate I should have bought 20 seeds at the hope of one good plant! hehe


This picture was from 4 days ago... It now has a few seemingly healthy true leaves.


This is the best photo I could take... basically the tips of the cotyledons are gone...



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Well here we are 10 days later... :-) The leaves look a bit strange. I have the 2 x 23watt cfls nice and close at about 18 hours. But she seems to be growing okay... Really hoping this is a quicker grow than my  current 5 month grow haha... It is super lemon haze by the way :-)


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She still has her battle scars on her cotyledons and the true leaves look a bit munted hahaha... but at least shes growing.


I have put her in the grow cabinet under the main plant I have now that is flowering- under 400w. It's probably about 2 ft from lights under canopy in a little hole that gets some light.  To add the extra hours I manually take her to the CFL's to top up the hours to 18 or so.


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