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Shitty weed

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For all you growers out there that grow shitty pgr bud and just shit bud in general , I am disappointed the amount of shit that circles is phenomenal and it’s all old , full off mildew or mold and grown with pgrs


Please to god , people in Brisbane get your shit together


Much love 420potdocter



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It's all horses for courses mate


Like beer there is craft beer and mega swill


Alot of people ...(Like the majority of beer drinkers)... like the large scale mass produced beer


Just like how pgr buds impresses my friends but not me


The more I learn the more I appreciate the nuances of the different consumables I enjoy

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I tell you the worst it’s called xplode

“Steroid pgr”


I hate that shit with more hate then when Michael Jackson was hated for being black ,





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I don't know why they bother with that shit mate. Years ago, a lot of people were ignorant and used to think the harder the buds/more they mulled out to the better but people have wised up and know its shit. All calyx and no trichome lol.

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Hahahah thank you yes yes it’s very annoying and yes it impressive to the people who don’t really know the difference between bud quality imo ,


I feel using that shit it strips a lot of terpenes and thc from the plant ,


Makes it all taste the same too ect

Or maybe it was just the person I know using it not flushing it properly but fuck it was horrid ,


Don’t get me wrong hard as fuck buds


But the shittest smoke no thc and taste like shit ,





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