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I think your concerns are very valid, I'd say there's a VERY high chance the stress would turn it hermi.

But in saying that if you do a search but spell it rod... rather than rhod.. there are people who reckon it can be done.

But then others use colloidal silver to make 'female pollen'. 'Female pollen' when crossed with a female plant will create female seed.

​I say 'Female pollen' as pollen usually comes from males but the colloidal silver makes the female plant produce male balls with 'female pollen'

​Here's a bit of info from elsewhere on the net:


"When colloidal silver is sprayed regularly on female cannabis plants during the early flowering stage, she will grow male “balls” (which are full of female pollen) instead of growing buds.This allows the grower to collect pollen from a female cannabis plant. You can use this all-female pollen to pollinate another female plant. With two female plants as parents, ALL the seeds will end up being female.That is why colloidal silver allows can be used create female x female cannabis crosses and produce your own feminized seeds."


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