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Propogation tent / unit

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Howdy guys,


Super stoned so bare with me lol


I'm in the market for a new prop tent as I'm sick of sharing the smaller one I use for the mums. They get squashed and it would just be easier.


So few questions.

These dual shelved units?? I don't get it, they're all sold with one light unit so how does the light penetrate the second shelf? Confucius say something smell funny.


So I like the idea, but with two light units. ( i think one would do me ok)


Anyhoo here are some examples. I gotta say I. Leaning towards the white model. Easier to clean, reflection yada yada yada...


So pros cons give it all. If you have had bad experiences with a certain model let me know.

Ove got the light to pop in, a t5 4 bank. And after my disaster as at a DIY turbo klone I think i will just buy the orig. lol


Let me know guys.




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I had a cheap fleabay prop tent and found the plastic connectors fell apart, they became brittle like paster after a couple of years with only a CFL inside. My veg/flower tent is a Homebox unit and shows no signs of falling apart after 8 years.

Buying replacement connectors is about as expensive as a new tent I found.

Yeah dont know how a shelved tent is supposed to work, with minimal light penetration to the lower shelves.

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Mate I spent $150 on a cheap 2/2/2 tent

The front zipper is a little fucked but in saying that I’ve had 1 great n 2 reasonable harvests since November,

If u a bit tight spend the money on good extraction, carbon filter n good light, 600w hps or similar

Get a cheap tent then when you’ve got a harvest or 2 under your belt u will know what sort tent u require, access vents etc, will have a much better ideas then n will be in a better financial position to upgrade



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Cheers blokes - I've got two tents already, a cheap mother tent and a gorilla for the flower.

What I'm after is the best propogation tent. I reckon that little white number is the go, I was just curious if anyone had a double bench job. And if they used two banks of fluros?

Anyways cheers for the input guys. Champs

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