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New Glass Rig choices. HELP decide

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We'll ive decided im gonna splurge and buy myself a fancy new rig. One ive never had before. (And by splurge i mean under a hungie so i can afford)

So I'm thjinking this will be a special occasion and dab rig so i wanted something super nice.

I really like the vortex bongs as they are so nice to watch while smoking.

So.. Here's my choices. There's heaps more but these were the three i liked and are easily inside the budget.


I know the 12 line recycler pipe would be a bitch to clean but i have read reviews its a killer pipe so smooth so it's in choices.

Nest is a fancy way of making a vortex bong , super well made - and again very nice to use

And last us your typical style chunky vortex style. It's a very good rig my.mate has One, and its crazy to watch it be smoked.


Decisions decisions! What do you guys think ?!



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