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The way I see it flowering is actually 4 stages

1 stretch

2 budlets form (puffy balls of white hairs)

3 budlets fatten into buds

4 ripening


To me it looks like you are in late stage 2 so you'd have 5+ weeks to go

Thanks. That's a really good way of explaining that's easy to understand.


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Hi doll. At least 50% of pistils should be brown then look with a cheap loupe off eBay. They are look tops by the way. Good job [emoji1303]

Ahh, I think you are confusing pistils with trichomes when in fact they are 2 totally different things

Those white hairs are pistils and can clearly be seen with the human eye, where as to clearly see the trichomes and their colour you need a lens of some sort.

The pistils brown off much earlier than the trichomes, in fact the pistils brown off and disappear, if left the bud swells from inside, before a new set of pistils burst forward. Personally I allow this process to occur 3 times before I harvest, usually around 12-13wks of 12/12. The extra wait (and weight) is well worth it IMO


But as I say, pistils and trichomes are two totally different parts of the flower

Here's a couple of pics that may explain it a bit better

The brown hairs in this first image are the pistils. You can see the white trichome stems with a little clear droplet, that droplet is the trichome head.


This image gives some idea of the size of the trichome stem and head, minute


Here you can see the crystal clear trichome head. When she's mature that head is a nice amber colour


The old skool theory used to be when those pistils turn brown she's done. But we've got things a it more refined now and with a lens we can check for a more mature state of readiness.


I hope that explains it a bit better.


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So if I'm guessing right the autos around 5 weeks the rest around 9 weeks? The autos have nice sugary crystals on them now. One got chomped bad not long after sprouting so I put it in the garden and forgot it. It's 1/3 the size of the other 2 because it didn't get much light or nutrients the others did.


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