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edges browning on leaves

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Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor 1x1x2 tent
Growing Medium: Rockwool
Growing Style: Freeballing
Watering/Feeding Frequency: Daily 1l
Nutrient Strength (PPM/EC):
PH Levels:5.5-5.8
Temperature/Humidity Levels:20-24 over night, 26-30 during day
Air Flow/Fans etc.: 1 oscillating fan pointed away from plants for circulation, filter fan 150mm
Lighting Type (CFL/HPS/MH etc.): veged with cfl, now using hps 600w
Total Wattage:600w
Growth Stage: flowering 1 week
Plants Age:9 weeks
Cannabis Strain: Church OG, Dream OG


Searching for a 'professional' opinion, have narrowed my problem down to nutrient burn or light burn. but wanting to be sure. will nerf the nutrients when i get home and raise the light as a precaution.




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being my 1st grow on the cheap i havnt yet got a ec meter. seem to cost a fortune in my area. have a few more pictures with light off if that helps. work away and things always go wrong when im not there, only get pics from time to time lol. so just tone back the nutrients and all should be good? cheers Serrated




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yeah straight rockwool, cube on a slab. so over watering combined with high nutes? only just changed to flowring before i left again for work so take it it has to do with nutrients or the frequency of the watering and amount.


slab just seemed quite dry by weight compared to when it was in vege under fluro. have specific instructions for the mistress to ph calibrate every few days and check ph before every feeding sitting at between 5.5-5.8 so

unless the meter is on the fritz i cants see why it would be that but you'd know more than me.


 as for the effects on newer growth id say no to the burn side of things but can see that the leaves are warping slightly in the pictures. believe me i wish i was there to take the pictures needed to be helpful. thanks a bunch for the help really appreciated


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have just been informed that for the entire vege cycle the ph was being balanced at 6.3-6.8 instead of what id had been advised to balance at 5.5-5.8 and also passed onto mistress. would this cause a build up of nutrients in the medium? now that ph is correct as per my watering on my break would this cause the plant to chum down on all available nutes. probs way overthinking it but hey we all worry our 1st grow right????? lol

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Have grown in rockwool plenty, best to let it dry out as much as possible. Most problems come from over watering. I much prefer flock to slabs, its more aerated. Just flush with ph 5.8 water and start to let them dry right out before watering again, you need to make sure you are getting at least 10% runoff. Looks like your ph has been your problem to me. PH out and to wet. I usually aim for 5.8 ph  Also 1.4 to 1.6 ec is the sweet spot for me, maybe up to 1.8 strain dependent 

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sorry for the late reply.

most likely irrelevant now but thought id update. seems that maybe it was my ph leveling while on break that has unbalanced the plant. wife had been doing 6.2-6.8 and plants were fine.

unknown to me that this was happening on my break when i was feeding i dropped it to what i thought it was supposed to be and what i thought wife was balancing to at 5.5-5.8.

is it possible it prefers the higher ph? or just to quick of an adjustment and resulted in the edges burning? wife put ph back to what she had been doing and has ceased the progression of leaves burning.


again, any help is appreciated

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