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Your thoughts on Superior blend nutrients

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OK guys Alot of places I go to know me fairly well.

Anyways They almost always give me their nutrients to try out, they always tend to think that I will endorse their nutrients and this will increase sale (B)).

Anyways I have just been given a new Australian Nutrient called "Superior blend"

I havent used it yet but it sounds promissing as you can easily use the same nutrient for veg as well as flowering, so you dont need to worry about seperate nutes etc.

I feel its possible beacuse they are lacking certain levels of stuff but here goes-


lable says"


Superior blend, speciafically blended for maximum results everytime. it then says Easy to use 50/50 blend ratio, shake well.

Instructions- add 100ml of superior blend to 20 litres of water, miz well, take a nutrient reading and adjust accordingly to your desired levels before feeding plants. australian OWNED and MADE."


NPK- 24-6-31

Nutrient analysis % Wu.


Calcium- 21.40

Nitrogen 24.25

Potassium 31.00

Phosphorus 6.20

Sulphur 8.6

Boron 0.0009

copper 0.0005

molybdenum 0.0003

iron 0.2

Manganese 0.009

Zinc 0.02


This is on Part B bottle,


On Part A bottle it reads the same, this is a normal 2 part mix.


I will let ya know more as I find out more, but what I like is

A/ They are willing to give FREE samples ie- 1 litre set, so they must be fairly sure of themselves.

b/ you use the SAME pack in veg AND flowering.

c/ it is Fair dinkum Australian owned, made etc and the ingrediants are also aussie manufactured.


Whats your thoughts on this blend?

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sounds similar to the nutes im using at the moment from agricultural organics,part a and b used during grow and bloom.

except the stuff im using has less nitrogen than that(i use a nitrogen booster in grow to compensate)


would be interesting to see how it goes in flower with that much nitrogen.

too much nitrogen causes a harsh chemo taste if not flushed out properly during flower.


oh just read the %wv analysis

where is the magnesium and cobalt?

also a bit high in calcium for my liking as well, aussie tap water is already chock full of it, and too much will lock out magnesium and potassium.


its all trial and error

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