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Penalties for Hydro

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As in any kind of indoor set up (with light/tent etc) opposed to outdoor growing? I haven’t heard of this but I guess they may see it as the kind of ‘practice’ a commercial grower/seller would use. Still tho, doesn’t seem fair. Our indoor setup is tiny (less than 1m squared), and is only enough for us, but would this also be seen as a more commercial type setup and penalised harder?

Scary thought. Interested to know what ppl know about this...



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Each state is different laws and yes some do have "anti-hydro laws".


It started in NSW when the gov decided Nimbin's Hemp Bar and Hemp Embassy anti-hydro stand was a great idea and adopted it as their latest "reefer madness" bullshit. It suited the governments "weed is more dangerous now mantra" and Nimbin's outdoor black market very well.

what state are you in Zeuss?





I never really paid much attention to the HEMP Bar website before, but here is something I just noticed....



Since opening day in the H*E*M*P*Bar telling the truth about "hydro" has been a major focus, tho we think of it as alerting our patrons to all of the very real dangers associated with "hydro" and especially in the understanding of the conspiracy that is behind the entire hydroponic industry.

:peace: Its no secret a lot of Nimbinites prefer bush but I didn't know opinions were this extreme. and we wonder where some of the bullshit news stories come from...


I mean I appreciate the work those guys do its cool to have a place you can smoke in public and meet stoners but I think the fact that the HEMP Bar is spreading this crap is totally fucked. If these guys are the pointy end of mj activism in Australia we are in trouble. Obviously... :peace:

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