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Male for fem seeds - ready to pop?

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Gday all, I've got a branch with a couple of buds that's been sprayed with colloidal silver for about 3 weeks, starting on 9th March. I stopped spraying last week when the male nads were showing strongly, and now it looks like they might be close to popping.

I started spraying after they'd been in pre-flower for a week cos I'm starting from regular seeds and didn't know which was gonna be a lady. Turns out that outta the 4 they all were, don't need a lotto ticket now :)

Some pics of the buds that are getting ready:


How much longer have they got? I've been checking a few times a day cos I don't want to get caught out. If I chop the branch & put it in a glass of water on the window, will it last for a few days and drop pollen if I cut too early?

Some pics of the buds I want to pollinate, a few views of the target:


They've been in proper flower now for 30 days, and based on Sthn Star Seeds info have got maybe 5-6 weeks to go. I was gonna pollinate a lower bud that looks like its not as far along as the higher ones in case I need to let it run for longer. Is that the way to go, or are the higher buds with full light and more development the better choice?

This is what the main bud looks like, and a pic a coupla days ago showing the plant:


Any advice is great, this is my first proper grow for yonks, first indoors, and first where I actually have proper buds that aren't fluffy mouldy nobs of disappointment.


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I let them run for a week more and then snipped off & cut open a couple of the sacs to see if there was anything inside. Under the scope it looked like some puffy bits not really pollen, and today I notice that there's little hairs coming out of a couple like they are flowers. 

Does this mean I shoulda kept up the silver spray for a bit longer, as they are not really full males yet? Is it too late to hit them with silver again? 



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