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How much air circulation?

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Hi all.

Well I finally got to harvest! Yay!

I have to hang my buds in the shed (also have a fly screen drying rack for smaller nugs) due to pop inspections from the five oh and my rifle licence.

People are saying you need airflow but your buds shouldn't move because they dry out too fast.

I'm using an oscilating pedistal fan, on low, not swinging and pointing at an angle to the wall in hopes that will create enough current. If I aim the fan down the middle of the shed, the buds move very very gently. Is that an issue if it's that gentle a movement? Oh, I've broken up or pulled apart the biggest buds as they are very dense and sticky and don't want mould.

Also, NilOdor on a couple of strips of Chux rag tied to the front of the fan does wonders for smells...

Cheers y'all.


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You guys overthinking it too much

Cool, if possible , dry and dark, if it’s in wardrobe opening the door several times will be enough fresh

You could put a fan in there , if u got heaps of buds probably a good idea in confined space

Any fan or extraction device is going to speed it up so keep an eye on it

If you’re not hanging turn 1 or 2 times a day

If they’re hanging little even better

Leave space between each bud



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Hi guys, a little off topic but in the same vein.


I’m looking at trying to purchase some good quality clip fans, 180mm or smaller. Had anyone got any suggestions? I’ve got a growlush and the propeller has came off. Nearly burnt down the growroom. Any ideas or suggestions appreciated.


Grow space is a 1.2x1.2x2m.

Intake 100mm w fan and carbon filter.

Exhaust 150mm hyper fan and 150x500mm phresh filter with fan speed controller.


I currently have one 150mm growfresh with rotating fan head and 2 100mm bunnings fart power fans.

After what happened with the growfresh fan I’m really nervous and I’d like to see if there are quality fans available. Only other fans I’ve seen are the USB fans and a seahawk one. I’ve not seen much about seahawk as a company. Any ideas? Thx.

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no , i'm talking pedestal or box fan . imho don't blow air or especially heat on buds , this will dry the outside of the bud but not inside not to mention the terps  

use a box or pedestal fan to suck air away not blow air on 


humidity is your accelerator higher the humidity slower the dry & v a v 

there is only negatives to the end result when drying too fast but at the same time there are similar negatives to drying to slow

( controlled environment can achieve a good dry outside these parameters though )  


keep it dark , keep temps under 26c & use a temp / humidity meter , if humidity is round 40% & below = do you need a fan to remove humidity 

if humidity is above 60% , especially in a small space , like a wardrobe , open the door & use a sucking fan 


if in a big room & the room is above 60% , unless you can suck in dry air from somewhere a fan ain't gonna help with bringing humidity down 

so just work with what you got & circulating air if humidity is high is prob not a bad thing , i still would not blow air on buds only suck air away lightly  


temp is the real important & for me , the end of the outdoor season humidity increase means i could dry for weeks if i don't take control of humidity

with a dehue = that's my environment , might not be yours 


i like box fans , relatively small foot print , easy to bungee cord up & once again sucking air in a small space rather than blowing the hell out of leaves 

is a better idea imho 

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