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Hey all.


Pope is back ;)


I pulled my harvest in and got a decent 245 grams. I'm quite happy with my first outdoor grow.


I'm throwing a few seeds out to hopefully get a couple of grams for nothing (why not)





Budget has gotten tight again and I'm interested in doing an indoor grow.


I have a pod filter to suit a car..


I'm just wondering would I be able to set it up someway to be a carbon filter???

Has anyone seen this done or done it? Cheers.



I've also got another one I'm going to use as a intake filter


Stoner ingenuity

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I don't have any pics was like 7 years ago its was just the small square dog wire I had around home a stockings on the outside an one on the inside filled up with activated carbon till it was full tied up there may have been some fly mesh then duct taped a quarter the way up then tape to the fan then ducted out. You could get PVC pipe cap one one end drill a fuck load holes stocking on the inside filled with activated carbon/charcoal you just need to make sure there is a sealed area at the end connect to the fan to make sure it filters as much smell as possible. But now I just buy them the filter roo filters are cheap just don't get the 100 mm small one there shit an block up easy


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