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Outdoor auto flower in feb

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Cheers billygoat I would if I had some honestly I didn’t even know what they were I just googled it I’m relatively new to growing As for the autos I just wasn’t to sure how they would go with the cooler nights [emoji106]



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Should be fine with the cooler nights. they finish real quick so should be drying well before its freezing cold. but the idea of maximising yield with autos is to run them with maximum light throughout the whole grow (ie. 20 hours light 4 of dark). They'll still grow this time of year but it won't be anywhere near what it would be if you did it indoors.


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I would probably keep them somewhere where they would get some sort of artificial light when the sun goes down, be it near your house, or put an outside light on for a few extra hours each night... might get it to grow a little bigger....

Hey billy I was thinking of solar lights as extra during the night what would u recommend as in bulbs led cfl etc?



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