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Hey all. Thinking about having a crack at hydroponics and have a few questions. I'm not going to be growing weed on my first go just some veges just to see how it goes then potentially have a go later on. What growing media do you prefer and what set up? I was going to try coco coir with a drip system and reservoir. Also I've heard that you need to either use rain water or expose your tap water to sunlight prior to using to dechlorinate it. Is this necessary or can you use it straight from the tap. Still working out what nutrients I'm going to use so any personal preferences you use would also be useful. Don't have a lot of retail options here so most things will come from bunnings and maybe Ebay.


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The water quality can vary a lot around the country. In some cases, some growers find they have to treat their water with a reverse osmosis process. That was primarily over on the West Coast, and some time back (10+ years). I don't know if they've improved on the water quality in Perth in that time though.

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