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Advice about buying Sativa cannabis (non medical)

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Hey guys,


I live in Bangkok Thailand, and considering moving to Australia so I can get sativa medical marijuana. I suffer from depression and anxieties, and although I never tried sativa, I am so curious to check if it can help me.


When arriving at Australia, I don't want to buy just any weed. I'm really looking for a sativa brand to try and then take the decision about moving to Australia or not.


Can you please advise me? Where to go in Australia, who to contact, how to buy specific sativa brands?


Please advise, and feel free to send me a private message.


Thanks so much!




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As Ford suggested it isn't legal down here. Places like Nimbin may give the impression that it is, but it's not. So you may need to give it some more thought to what's the priority to you. The legalities in Australia, or getting your hands on sativa's?


Also, most sativa's are grown outdoors in Australia. Commonly it is referred to as 'bush weed' which is a injustice to the variety.


A good sativa will shit on any indica or ruderail IMO. *stands back*

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Stand well back Indy

sativa's are shit compered to indica's,  who wants to run around all day having fun when you can sit on the couch and veg out


... and this is a good chunk of the reason why a few can't get on. Their arse is firmly planted in the couch which limits their ability to go out and get on. :D


Nah.. they both have their place. Especially medicinal. A good satty will fire you up for the day, and when the day is done and you need to take that edge off, a good indy will get the job done as well. ;)

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