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Best organics in perth?

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Fertilise your plants Jeffery, with the Seasol Jeffery.


Seasol, a little dab'll do ya!.


Seasol, Seasol, how does your garden grow?


Seasol plants now 8' high, do dah, do dah

Seasol plants now 8' high, oh de do dah day

Gonna smoke all night, gonna smoke all day

Seasol plants now 8' high, oh de do dah day


I like Seasol on mully

Seasol on mully for me

Bongs for breaky, bongs for tea

Seasol on mully for me


Uh... was i saying that out loud? B)

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Ive never used hydro..


I think the chemicals the plant are bad enough for u.


i have heard of people suffering many chest/heart/lung problems due to chemicals found in ferts.


Use stuff which is suitable for editable foods.


Flushing harsh chemicals are almost impossible and will do your body damage.. big time.


Think about it..




Hydro is great with the water and the fake light etc etc...


but it not -natural- man :yingyang


BTW has anyone ever tried feeding MJ plants calcium,iron,magnesium etc .... (stuff thats good 4 u).

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