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yantra again: Can anyone confirm their Durban Poison fem seeds are the

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Itchy i have tried looking for those little green bugs i have had them before, i found a lady beetle and put her in there she walked up to those bugs and just started eating them alive lol


Broad mites are far too small to see anything eat them - you need at least 50X magnification to see them wandering around destroying your plants. Ladybird larvae apparently do feed on them, not adults but are not AFAIK recommended for BM control - aphids yes, but not BM that need specialist mite predators and as I've learned, will continue to do some damage eventually leading to decreased mature flower mass.

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I don't like Yantra's log into view strains has anyone noticed it logs your initial start date i don't like that what else are they loggin, should be like old days free to view all strains without logging in I'll admit i am a bit parra about if someone was to use it against you in court "This bloke logged in 50 times to view our catalog" so i rarely look at Yantra


do we even know who is running the circus yet?


i have bought from them twice but nothing recently also noticed the prices are all pretty expensive to what they use to be

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Update: ordered and paid Sunday, express post sent Monday, Arrived Tuesday - all in breeder packs plus a free white rhino fem. seed.

Mr Plod hasn't been around for a cup of tea yet.

I have no idea what they are doing but I'm going to assume the local constabulary have better things to do than send the DS around to the delivery address to see where a few seeds went.

I'll report back if anything untoward happens or the seeds don't germinate!

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Have they gone back to just seeds or are they listing plants too?


seeds only - prices are ok - delivery was overnight for me and no Border Farce anxiety although who knows how or why they are continuing to do business after the bust for selling weed early last year.....not for the paranoid, but then seeds from overseas have their risks too...

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