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Hey dpac, Not much more i can say on top of itchy, other than sharing my method with you.. and that at least it is dry weather, trying to dry ganja in a humid environment can be difficult.


The paper bag bit of this method is fairly new to me, props to eddie k for givng me the heads up on how the paper bag method is really done.



Set drying area up with carbon filter and oscilating fan or two and 100 x 100 trellis wire for hanging

Cut plants into 10-20cm canes (Personally, I trim fresh)

Hang for a week or two, till stems nearly snap

Remove individual buds from stems and place them in shallow, paper lined boxes that are sat on something so not on the ground, eg milk or bread crate. For a few days to a week, give the buds a gentle turn once or twice a day.

Put buds in open paper bags to begin curing, give the buds a gentle turn in the bags daily over a few days to a week.

Transfer to glass and begin burping process

Seal jars and cure for a few months

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