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When should I harvest my outdoor autoflower? (pics)

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I planted some Auto Critical Ogre  autoflowering seeds outdoors this year as an experiment.


Unfortunately I think I planted them about 4 weeks early and they didn't get enough light initially.


Breeder says 9-10 weeks indoor, they have been growing now for 9 weeks outdoor and have little buds with some red hairs - they look like they might be ready in a week or 2 but very small - should i harvest then or leave them longer? I have been told to ignore the red hairs and just wait until fan leaves go yellow and drop off?









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Not this year. Early next year they might be nearly there or getting close..


In the meantime, hit them with a bit of potash or potassium.


really, that long for an autoflower? I was hoping to harvest before xmas. i'll post another pic in a couple weeks and see what you think


I've been giving them potash once a week since budding started, i think it was the first 4 weeks of low light that left me with small buds on the first plant but we'll see what happens

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How long have they been showing signs of budding up? I see you mentioned they're 9 weeks old. I'd guess they've been budding 3-4 weeks?


Pics in a couple of weeks would help for sure.


They started budding after 4 weeks ...  they are actualy in the 9th week, it will be exactly 9 weeks since they popped on Saturday... so budding for almost 5 weeks, just started fattening up recently, i thought it was going to be a dud but maybe not - here is a pic from 13th November: 


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