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Prevention is much better and easier than cure.


When I finish a crop I always strip and clean my grow room before starting my next crop. The pots soak for 24 hours and are cleaned in a tub filled with water and dish washing liquid, after this they are then soaked for at least another 24 hours in a bleach solution to sterilise them. While this is happening the grow room is going through any maintenance or upgrades and a thorough clean and sterilisation.


I also keep a Sureguard Ministrip in the grow room, this wipes out any bugs before they get a chance to set up home and invite all their friends and relatives over to stay.


It's a long time since I had a bug in my grow room.



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OK, the Sureguard Ministrip is no longer useful in the grow room as they have changed the formula, the one I have chosen to replace it is the Catch brand moth killer, it cost me $3.38 (1 x 10g) at the local supermarket, the active constituent is Dichlorvos which is also used in the smaller size (5g) Mortien and Pea-Beu brands which sell for around $9 for a pack of four.




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I just got a pack of the Mortein "Moth and Insect Strips" Pack of 3 for around 8.50 or so. The active ingredient is the diclorovos, and I looked all over to find.... I wonder how safe napthalene flakes or any other product using napthalene would be in a growroom? I mean, could this contaminate the plant in any way? lol Oh, and one more thing tom, how long do the diclorovos based strips last? A month? 3?
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Oh, and one more thing tom, how long do the diclorovos based strips last? A month? 3?

I replace them after two months.


Is the strips with Camphor any good, they are the only ones I could find as well as the napthalene ones.

Not sure, I've never tried them, the smell put me off using them in the grow room.



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( i only had them fungas gnats, but I couldnt get rid of the fuckers for years)

Arrrrrrrrrrrrggggghhh........I've got em' :). I'm drenching at the moment, heaps of the little bastards. I'm going 2 get some strips 2day, and I've got a good baygon 6 month surface spray, was thinking of using it around the door and window, I'm pretty sure it was when the flyscreen was left off by accident overnight :D , i never noticed them b4 that. Damn!

I've been told that fungus gnats are a common household bug, how come I never noticed the little bastards before? :;):

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