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CFL or LED lights?

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One of the ways to determine what size light to go with is forget about wattage and consumption, and put more thought to how much you would like the harvest each time.


As soon as you start building your setup based on energy consumption, it usually leaves newbies well short of their expectations or fail altogether.


From what I've learnt over time, figure out how much you want to produce and then purchase the light that will fulfil you expectations, then either build a cab/room or buy a tent to the dimensions that best match the light fall off or drop off in lumens. This is why combo's like a 600w HPS cooltube hood, in a 1.2m x 1.2m x 2.0m tent work so well.


That said, I'm not suggesting that's the kit you should go for. But should give you another understanding to how you may go about getting a light that better suits you requirements.


Hope that helps somewhat. :)

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As with all lights I agree with Indy , its import to know what spectrum of light in output

This will be my second solo attempt at indoors

In the initial stages I use a 130w cfl blue light

Then introduce the dominant red light untill they start to get about 6inchez or so

Then using 2 x 600 w hPs to finish veg gradually going from 60% to 100%

When they established full lumens using digital ultra bright setting

As soon as I see heads forming I will add 4 108 cobs around the outside with more red light to thicken up buds

My first attempt was a bunch of clones from a mate that were all hermies so I pulled them around day 35 of flower , even though they weren't the biggest buds I have grown they were still very tight and chop up a lot more than you would expect

Also to my pleasant surprise it's very tasty and very nice stone , mostly a head stone but lasts for hrs and creeps up on u , u know those times u go somewhere and think f,,,,k I pretty smashed

Compared to my mates plants his buds were much bigger but mostly air , from what I've read I think it was the introduction of the more red dominant led

As Indy said work out what u want and go from there

Just a indicator on hps, 10 plants hps 1x600 plus red 108w led in flower got me about 6 ounces of manicured buds and 3 ounces of lucky dip( buds I was to lazy to trim and thought they'll be a good find later on down the track in a 1.2/0.9/2m tent

If I went through to the end I would expect no less than a pound from that tent and that light setup

I'm upsizing this time so expect at least 2 pounds

With a 300w led first time I'd be happy with a gram a watt ie 300 grams

Hope this helps with your decisions, fortunately I've had a grow so I know what I need this time round



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LED and LEC give MUCH better terpenoid profile vs HPS. Running a Grow fresh spider 4 plus COB LED, $550. Results are amazing. I've used 1 x 600 watt HPS with 2 x 130 watt CFL as side lighting in the past and it was good but LED is better vs CFL and HPS. You fork over a one off cost but they last for years vs replacing bulbs with HPS. I could upload some pics put I'm sure there are plenty of grow vids on you tube using LED or LEC now days. It's all about how much you want to spend I guess and what you want to achieve with your grow.

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