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Vape recommendations.

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whasup bill


i go an ex+reme iq


cure ure buds, pu+ em in chamber


+urn up hea+  and proceed 2 give copiouse  lung sucks


more mellow +han billies and creeps up on u


no bong wa+er, no smoke, no carciogenics. wha+  more could u wan+ ?


af+er sesh, u can s+ill make edibles ou++a wha+s lef+

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I have no idea to the latest stuff on the market, bill.


But I'd imagine the digital quick release Volcano's would be hard to surpass. I have a Extreme Q here, and it does everything it lays claim to and that was rated as the next best thing to a Volcano.. But yeah, unless there's something that can get the process done quicker than the Volcano, I'd suggest it would be the pick of the bunch still.


Looking forward to other opinions as well. :)

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