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Cal mag deficiency? Spider mite?

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This has probably been asked 1000 times already but I've never had this problem outdoors. This baby is 2 - 3 weeks old, and also have others younger that seem to be showing this,

I've just chucked on some dolomite lime so hoping that will work,

But has anybody else had this? I haven't checked my ph as of yet,

Waiting on a new meter.




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Whoa, ease up, bob. :D


I'm far from being a great grower, I get the job done most of the time. That's about my limits.


If anything, my forte is more in line with design, construction, ventilation, irrigation.


I love that side of it, but get bored fairly quickly once it's all up & running and dialed in unfortunately.

Thanks for the compliment though. :)

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